The Hottest Sex Toy Features

Hop on for the Hottest Ride Ever PINK DIAMOND Double  BALL/DILDO (EXERCISE & PLEASUER)

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shutterstock_60413338 - CopyA pleasurable combo made for girls/guys who love being on top, the bouncing ball/dildo is a unique sex toy that joins a powerful with a sturdy inflatable cushion. Easy to deflate and store, the bouncing  ball/dildo makes an ideal bedroom accessory for individuals and couples who require discreet storage but still like to spice it up behind closed doors. Suitable for all users, this sex toy is also small enough to store under the bed!

• Inflatable ball
• Can Deflate for Storage
• Holds Up To 330 Pounds
• Good for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Sex Toy Users

The bouncy ball/dildo inflates just like a typical pool toy, with a double chamber construction for strength and durability. Able to hold up to 330 pounds, the built-in handles on the side allow the user to keep them centered as they bounce up and down on the attached dildos for lots of orgasmic fun! The circular bouncy ball/dildo is translucent and looks as sexy as it feels.

In the center of the top, a firm dildo packs lots of passionate and is permanently mounted for secure enjoyment. The realistic shape feels great, with a tapered head and raised vein textures on the shaft to allow the user to truly feel every stroke. The easy to use ball/ dildo in the tip from a gentle purr to an orgasmic buzz. Bouncing without restriction, is an amazing feeling exercise and pleasure in one

To clean, simply wipe down with mild soap and a damp cloth after use. To deflate, simply uncap and pinch the air intake and squeeze the ball until all the air is drawn out.

The bouncing double ball/dildo is perfect for first time dildo users. It offers enough girth and shaft for satisfying penetration without overwhelming. It’s a fun dildo/ball for lovers of all levels.
•    Made from durable PVC
•    Great for both vaginal and anal penetration
•    Use the balls to hold and guide this wonderful experience

Cleaning your PINK DIAMOND bouncy dildo is a breeze. Just immerse in warm soapy water, lightly scrub, and then rinse with cold water. Pat dry with soft towel and store away from other sex toys.

To first time sex toy users/or experience looking to try out an insertion ready bouncing/dildo.

Women/GUYS will also enjoy bouncing on the PINK DIAMOND double ball/dildo with the dildo inside vagina or ass.

Men can experiment with prostate stimulation.

Couples can introduce the double bouncing dildo into sexplay as an interesting third party. She/he can experience double penetration without the presence of a second male/Female partner.

Pumps/dildos may seem odd at first but in fact provide a whole new sensation to the pussy lips. Just like the penis, when pumped up, the lips of the pussy become more sensitive because they are engorged with blood. It might take a couple of tries to get used to the feeling but once you do you’ll realize that with PINK DIAMOND  having your pussy lips pumped to the fullest is incredibly erotic and a huge turn on. Keep in mind that once you pump and bounce on the PINK DIAMOND BALL/DILDO your pussy will remain ultra sensitive until the blood dissipates. A good idea to choose a day that you can lounge around the house so you have amazing sex anytime over and allow yourself the most pleasuring time of your life.

Please Note: This is not a strapon.